Invoicing Guidelines

When you submit an invoice to Belron Canada, please make sure it contains all the information indicated in the Supplier invoicing guidelines.

EFT Payment terms and conditions:

For further details see the Forms section.

Belron Canada offers the following options for submitting your invoices:

  1. By email:
    • Save your invoices in PDF format. Be sure to save each invoice as a separate PDF file, regardless of the number of pages of the invoice. Do not send several invoices in the same PDF file (one invoice = one PDF; two invoices = two PDFs).
    • Attach the PDF file(s) to an email and send it to:
    • Please note that only invoices and credit notes may be sent to this address.
    • Do not send account statements to this email address, as emails are not read.
  2. By mail:
    • If you are unable to send us your invoices by email, you can mail them to us at the address below. Please note, however, that invoices received by email will be processed first.
    • Only send invoices and credit notes to the address below.
    • Do not send account statements to this address.

Belron® Canada
P.O. Box 39009, Station Saint-Alexandre
Montreal, Quebec H3B 0B2

Note: A copy of the invoice must also be submitted upon delivery of merchandise (or at pick-up).

For assistance:

To prevent delays in processing your invoices, you must comply with these requirements. Please make this clear to your billing department. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us at: