While we are proud of where we are today, we keep an eye on the future.

We believe it’s easier to offer the best service in the world when you have the best tools at your disposal. This is where Belron® Technical comes into play.


Tomorrow’s World

Belron® Technical is a team of innovators, thinkers and doers focused on developing technical standards and revolutionary innovations in the world of automotive glass repair and replacement. Automotive glass fitting is in constant evolution and is becoming very complex, particularly where parts are concerned. Belron® Technical makes sure all technicians have the best skills, tools and equipment to do the job.

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The latest tools include:

HPX-3 Resin, exclusive to Belron, is a premium quality resin that offers highly durable adhesion and contains a new primer to facilitate application.

Lil Buddy® is a lifting device that helps our mobile technicians with installing windshields. This tool is essential, as glass keeps getting bigger.

EZI-Wire® is a mechanical tool that allows the technician to cut any windshield easily and safely, regardless of complexity.

Belron® Technical also manages the development and sales of tool systems including Glass Medic® – the most popular glass repair system in the world.


Belron® expertise in windshields stems from a concern for the safety of our customers. Nowadays, windshields are an integral part of vehicle safety structure, so they have to be installed according to strict standards.

  • They provide structure for the passenger side airbag;
  • They increase the vehicle’s resistance to bumps;
  • They prevent passenger ejection on impact;
  • They stop the roof from caving in a rollover.

The nature and seriousness of the problem determine whether a windshield should be repaired or replaced. While Belron® prefers repair where possible, some parts such as side windows or rearview glass cannot be repaired, only replaced.

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Belron® Canada technicians have the expertise required to replace or repair all window types on all vehicles – cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, maintenance vehicles and specialized machinery.


Regardless of the type of repair or replacement, Belron® Canada always uses premium quality glass mainly from OEMs.


All work is done in accordance with Canada automotive safety standards and the FMVSS.

FMVSS Standard 208
When the airbag deploys, the windshield must offer a solid support structure.

FMVSS Standard 212
In a frontal collision, the windshield must stay in place so as to avoid passenger ejection.

FMVSS Standard 216
Under excessive force – such as a rollover – the windshield must prevent the roof from caving in, to protect the occupants.


All windshield replacements are entitled to the Protecplus™ warranty. With this national warranty, the owner is entitled to unlimited free windshield repair for three years, anywhere in Canada in over 400 service centres. Also, when the replacement is covered by the driver’s insurance, ProtecPlus™ is free (subject to provincial law and insurance coverage type).


“Repair first” is the Belron® Canada philosophy and an integral part of our strategy. This approach benefits everyone and makes us stand out from the competition.

To a customer, a repair may mean major savings as compared to replacement. For customers covered by insurers, repairs are free in most cases.

Windshields can normally be repairs if:

  • the circumference of the crack or chip is smaller than a loonie;
  • the chip is not in the driver’s line of sight;
  • windshield damage does not penetrate the outer layer of the glass;
  • the crack or chip is not in the ceramic band (grey-black border) – the point of impact must be at least 3 cm from the visible outer border.
  • other exceptions may apply. Contact us for more information.

We use an exclusive high-tech process to repair windshields. A compressor removes air from cracks, which are then filled with a clear liquid resin.

Windshields repaired by our service centers are just as safe as new ones.

In addition to being safe and economical, repairs also contribute to the protection of the environment because damaged windshields aren’t thrown out.