Belron ® Canada is the Canadian leader in automotive glass replacement, repair and distribution.

Belron Canada

With more than 350 service centres, 40 distribution/warehouse centres and over 1800 employees in all 10 provinces, Belron® Canada guarantees its customers local service. This national presence ensures service centres have ready access to supplies.

With its pan-Canadian network, unique skills, strict safety standards, personalized service, latest technology and complete training program, Belron® Canada stands out from the rest. The training program, given by Belron® Group certified experts, is taken by all our technicians, who are then trained to use the latest tools exclusively developed by Belron® Group technical teams with their own dedicated training programs.

Cutting-edge technology

Safety lies at the heart of the company’s concerns. Belron® Canada uses rigorous methods to protect the lives of drivers. All materials used to repair or replace automotive glass are top quality and meet industry standards. Plus the company is constantly investing in research and development to keep finding innovative, effective and ever-safer solutions.

Industry standard compliance

Whether repairing or replacing glass, the work is done using materials approved by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in full compliance with Canadian automotive safety standards and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

Repair rather than replace

Belron will first attempt to repair rather than replace windshields, where applicable−saving customers time and money. This philosophy also aligns with environmentally responsible action.

Direct contact with your insurer

Belron® Canada takes care of your insurance claim – no worries! A simple phone call, and Belron handles it all. As your claim manager, our goal is to make our customers’ lives easier.

Belron International

Active in 34 countries on 5 continents, Belron® International is the biggest automotive glass repair and replacement company in the world.
In addition to being the only company in the industry to work on a global scale, Belron® International is the leader in high quality performance while constantly upgrading its services.

Automotive glass replacement every 3 seconds

More than 1600 service centres and 9200 repair vehicles serve 11.3 million customers on the planet. Our call centres receive a call every minute and our service centres repair or replace automotive glass every 3 seconds.

Supporting all its brands

The role of Belron® International is to support all its brands and Belron® Group’s position as a world-class company. Each brand implements the Belron® International strategy, while adapting to the specifics of its market. The Group companies share resources, exchange ideas and best pratices with a view towards global development.

Full expansion

The company is pursuing geographical expansion with the acquisition of well-established competing businesses and by developing its network of franchises. In 2007, Belron® International posted revenues of over 2 billion euros, or 3.5 billion dollars. Its headquarters are located in the United Kingdom.

Visit the Belron® International website.

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Belron® Canada operates under different brands across Canada:

  • Lebeau Vitres d’autos®
  • Speedy Glass®
  • DURO® vitres d’autos
  • Apple Auto Glass®
  • Broco Auto Glass®

The company also provides automotive glass distribution through Vanfax™ as well as electronics distribution and repair through Technicentre Plus®.

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BCM Claims Management Centre

BCM Claims Management Centre

Commonly known as BCM, for Belron Claims Management, this service is designed to make life easier for our various partners, such as insurance and fleet companies.

A one-stop shop with many advantages

Belron® Canada manages the entire automotive glass claim. Our representatives take care of everything – they take the calls, manage the claims and provide the necessary authorizations.

In addition, BCM ensures that agents work as true consultants thoughout the process. They tell customers the procedures to follow in accordance with the directions from each partner. They provide a list of glass shops located near home or work. Once customers make their selection, agents forward the job authorization to the service centre selected.

This unique, proactive service allows our partners to:

offer efficient, quality service at a lower cost;
have trained, qualified specialists;
strengthen their brand image through a positive experience for their customers;
enjoy cutting-edge technology and the best industry standards.

Automated, personalized service

Belron® Canada offers a one-stop shop where the customer is assisted throughout the claims process, from the initial call to settling the bill with the shop.

  • Cross-Canada claims management service:
    • Complete dealership database
    • Complete database of glass shops in Canada
  • Customized electronic price list
  • Partnership business rules compliance
  • Personalized summary invoicing for partners
  • Direct payment to glass shops
  • Accent on customer service
  • Suspended claims follow-up
  • Management reports to insurer – electronic format or Web access


Vanfax® is one of the biggest automotive glass distribution networks in Canada.

More than 400 employees in some forty distribution centres ensure daily fast, safe and accurate delivery from Vancouver to Halifax.

This company proudly bears the QSV acronym, which stands for Quality, Service and Value, three words that provide a good summary of our commitment and priorities.

With a view to offering customers the most flexible service possible, Vanfax® provides a new online process available day and night providing secure catalogue access and allowing orders to be placed anytime.

Vanfax® is also the only panCanadian distribution company to hold a complete inventory of window glass for recreational vehicles. Since 2008, the company has put its expertise to the service of this industry, and now it stands out thanks to this unique aspect.

Visit the Vanfax® website.

Technicentre plus

Technicentre Plus® is specialized in the distribution and repair of automotive electronics.

Founded in 1977, this company provides aftermarket service to GM and Saturn dealers in Quebec and Eastern Canada. It also provides electronics, mainly remote starters, to the different brands of Belron® Canada.

See Technicentre Plus®